Game Stats

Home Team Raptors - National
Visitor Team Huddersfield Heat
Location Haslingden Sports Centre
Match Date Saturday, 10 September 2011 - 18:00
Match Score 89 - 92

Raptors Players

Player Points Rebounds
Tom Platt 2 1
Steven Graham 8 1
Matthew Allerston 5 1
Mark Cowell 19 1
Aitor Estrada 9 1
John Lindsay 5 2
Angelo Kornecki 5 2
Matthew Ngara 17 2
Aaron Kay 3 2
Ion Slabu 13 3

Match Report

Rossendale Raptors concluded their pre-season warm up against a very good Huddersfield Heat Team. The visitors fielded Jason Swaine, one of British Basketball's best outside shooters and former England international. The Heat may have been expecting an easy match against the little known Rossendale team. The game started at a fast pace with both team's trying to force their opponents into making errors. Rossendale were caught out on four or five occasions due to the experience of the visiting team and ultimately fell behind by 18 points by half time. At half time the coaches set about implementing a plan to steady the ship and mount a comeback. In the second half the Raptors seemed to pick up their intensity and grow in confidence on the back of good performances from new signings Matthew Ngara and Mark Cowell.

By mid way through the fourth quarter the 17 point deficit was reduced to 0 and then with 3 minutes left Raptors actually took the lead!  As the noise from the hundred or so spectators increased, the atmosphere became more intense and the Raptor's fans were loving it! Both teams picked up the pace of the game, however, not to be undone Huddersfield proved that they were not National League Division 4 Champions for nothing! Using all their experience they managed to put a very strong Raptors team under pressure and finally came out winners by just 3 points. The final score 92-89.